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Terms and conditions of hire

The taxi or minibus is hired according to the following terms and conditions. These form part of the contract between the Company and the hirer.

Dial-a-Cab will endeavour to meet all passengers at the pre-booked time, traffic and weather conditions permitting. Communication will be maintained between the driver and lead passenger in the event of any delays. Dial-a-Cab asks passengers to respect the driver’s concentration.

  1. The driver has the right to refuse transport to any passenger who is abusive or so intoxicated that they have lost or are losing control of their faculties, or their behaviour is such that it could endanger the driver or other passengers. Passengers are taken at the discretion of the driver.
  2. There is a minimum soiling charge of £100 should the vehicle be spoilt or damaged in any way. Any additional losses incurred e.g if the vehicle has to be taken out of service, will be charged at our daily rate.
  3. The lead passenger must supply Dial-a-Cab with their name, address and mobile telephone number at the time of booking.
  4. The lead passenger is liable for all payments in respect of the booking, including any charges as mentioned in para 2 above. We reserve the right to request a deposit to cover any additional charges. This is refundable in full if there are no additional charges.
  5. The price quoted is for one pick-up point and one destination. Additional pick-ups or drop-offs within Rugby will be charged a minimum of £3 each. Outlying areas will be more. If these are booked and confirmed in advance they will be included in the quote, otherwise the lead passenger will be responsible for the additional payment.
  6. Inbound airport journeys must be paid for in advance.
  7. All return bookings must be paid for in advance.
  8. Vehicles often run to tight schedules. For this reason, any waiting time will be limited to 10 minutes after the pre-arranged time. Should the vehicle have to depart after that time without the passengers, any pre-payment will be forfeited. Any change or extension of time is subject to prior agreement and availability and may incur further charges. Currently these are £5 for every 15 minutes or part thereof.
  9. Food and drink are not permitted in any vehicle – please do not ask.
  10. It is against the law to smoke in any taxi/private hire vehicle.
  11. If you are paying by credit card then VAT at the current rate is included in the price.
  12. The cost of any parking, toll and inner city charges (for example, the London Congestion Charge) will be passed on to the lead passenger.
  13. All telephone calls may be recorded.

V 1.2 3 May 2018